EVENTS: Creation & Management

Fashion shows, fashion weeks, gala dinners, product launches, private parties, competitions, conferences, red carpet events, real estate launches, car launches, store openings & more.

*When we take on an event, we work it from the ground up: We brainstorm, we research, we draw, we create, we visualize, we execute, we manage and we follow up. Every event created is unique to your story and your needs.

CREATE: Design, Branding & Identity

Your character, your vision & your thoughts help create your identity and we can bring that to life.

*We create, recreate or uplift your brand’s identity to the vision of your brand, aligning with international standards.


Modelling Network

Connected to over 300 agencies worldwide, our models are chosen on an International Standard, and flown into Beirut for photoshoots, fashion shows, events, video clips, production houses, tv commercials…

New faces are available every 2-3 months.

PR, Media & Communication

Invitations, Rsvp’s, media, interviews, press releases, networking & more. The whole package to put you; “out there”.